I’m a Memphis native–Detroit dweller who specializes in crafting brand messages and social media content strategy. I love connecting people to new concepts. I work in a design firm as a Marketing Coordinator. In my spare time, I love developing brands, specifically in the digital realm.

Have you ever felt stuck on an idea? I’m a one stop idea shop, specializing in new market identification and segmentation to maximize the reach of your business.

While working in the retail industry throughout high school and college, I gained not only service skills, but “people skills”. People don’t want to be sold to. They want to know that you care and that they matter. The statement below has always been a motto of mine and I’ve consistently found that it works.

People first, Sales will follow.


Why Life is Beautiful? You’re Not Even Here…

Live music and festivals have the power to change lives. My friends have often called me a human jukebox, and I can attest to



Relevant Experience