About Kaeyla

I’m a visual storyteller, marketing strategist, and people connector.

I craft visual narratives for businesses, entrepreneurs, and experiences as a photographer. My work can be viewed in various spaces from magazines and newspapers to your dermatologist’s office.

I help small businesses set and achieve their goals through marketing strategy and campaign development. Be it developing and updating websites or planning out your next marketing campaign, I work with small businesses to meet their goals. With seven years of experience in the non-profit, retail, and hospitality (event coordinating) sectors, I’ve gotten really good at communication and problem solving, if I say so myself. But most importantly, I’ve mastered the art of connecting people.

I founded Water Your Dreams to connect people with motivational apparel and educate them on the power of goal setting. The Water Your Dreams brand is a visual reminder to root your dreams and water them daily by taking steps to fulfill your goals.

One Last Thing...

I specialize in marketing strategy and campaign development to help small businesses achieve their goals. But I’m HUGE on personality fits. Can we vibe? Do we talk about the latest happenings and still get work done? That’s what I’m about. So here’s what you need to know about my personality. 

Interesting Personality Tests

  • Life Path: 3
  • Zodiac Sun: Pisces
  • Myers Brigg/ 16 Personalities: ENFP (-A, -T)

Artists in Heavy Rotation (as of Aug. 2022) 

  • Kehlani
  • Pusha T
  • Arin Ray
  • Umi
  • Tyler, The Creator
  • Arctic Monkeys

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