Christmas is approaching and I don’t even want people to guesstimate what I want/ need. So I made a list of things that you can get me for the holidays.

Free Things

  1. An introduction to someone with a boutique that can stock Water Your Dreams products
  2. Follow the Water Your Dreams Instagram Page so that I can grow my following
  3. Like the Water Your Dreams Facebook Page
  4. Tell your friends to sign up for Water Your Dreams emails
  5. Recommend Water Your Dreams to a goal-setter and go-getter


Check with The South Main Book Juggler and Novel for availability. Pleaseeeee shop local!

  1. Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseich
  2. You are a Bada** by Jen Sincero
  3. When to Jump by Mike Lewis
  4. Get Together by Bailey Richardson
  5. The Latte Factor by David Bach
  6. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
  7. Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life by James Victore
  8. The Kinfolk Entrepreneur: Ideas for Meaningful Work
  9. Package Design Workbook: The Art and Science of Successful Packaging

Tech-y Things

Sorry, there aren’t any tech or camera stores in Memphis besides Amazon. :/

  1. MacBook Pro case for 2020 13″ with touchbar from Amazon
  2. Or this other MacBook Pro 2020 13″ with Touch Bar case from Amazon
  3. Or if you feel like splurging, this MacBook Pro case from Casetify
  4. Photography Tri-pod (2 pack) from Amazon
  5. External Hard Drive (or cash for it) for my computer from Best Buy

Visa Gift Cards that will go toward:

  1. Prints from Clarke’s Quick Prints
  2. One pack of these clear sleeves so that I can use them for art prints
  3. Postage on
  4. The next order of shirts (errrr. sweaters)

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