What up March! It’s the third month of the year and I’ve realized that I haven’t posted on here about the shows I’ve been to or shot lately. So let’s get into it.. It’s the third month and I have two shows at Minglewood under my belt.

Wale was in January and PJ Mortan was in February on Valentine’s Day. The Wale show was literally everything I needed and more. I felt energized and excited to shoot again. Shooting at Minglewood has definitely given me practice and I’m excited to go back to shoot more. It’s been interesting to learn about how their stage works while also working on my composition. I really want to get better so if they’re having a show, I want to be there. The lighting situation was definitely different both times, which is great. It gave me experience for both shows. Sometimes I beat myself up over how certain images come out, but ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY, OKAY? I also had the chance to sell merchandise (for the first time) during the PJ Morton show. I worked in retail so it was easy.

Lenses I Used
I used a 24-70mm for both show, but might try to rent a 70-200 for the next show in advance. I also think a prime might work better. The stage is slightly elevated but it’s not so high that I can’t aim and make it work with a prime. The 24mm is perfect for the crowd shots because I’m pretty close to and on the same level with them. After writing that, a zoom lens is the best option.

Wale Photos

PJ Morton Show

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