A year ago, I packed up and drove back home. Literally this is my one year anniversary to the date.  It came and went and I’ve had a lot of fun this year. But, to some extent, I feel that I’ve missed a lot. 

My friends. Their birthdays. My life. My birthday (like I remember my birthday but nothing super traumatic happened. I wasn’t stuck in an elevator, I was drunk walking up stairs and my friends had to take my phone. am I losing my edge?). My apartment (I really miss my dxmn apartment…both of them but really the first).

I’ve been to a few shows this year, and that’s been fun but here’s what I’ve learned about moving back to my hometown…

  1. Home is truly where your heart is. It doesn’t have to be where you were born or raised and it’s something that only you know. I’ve wrestled with calling Detroit home multiple times, and telling my friends “I’ll be back home in March.” But truly, what is home? Home can be a place full of people that you grew up with or it can be a place that you’ve created and planted your roots. “If you ask me where I’m from, I say you cause you feel like home.” -Bea Miller and Jessie Reyez, Feels Like Home
  2. Whatever process is happening, trust it. I literally still have no clue how I ended up back home. I’m excited to be back around my friends and closer to family. Those plane tickets y’all. WHEW. But everything happened fast to me so I’m still shocked sometimes that I’m not in Michigan anymore. Like where is the snow???
  3. In your downtime, build for your come up. I’ve been working full time, so I don’t fully have downtime, but I make time. In the time that I’ve been back home, I’ve really started to hone in on photography and build my style. Whatever that style is, I’m working toward it. I founded a new business (Water Your Dreams. Sign up for emails. Product holiday deals dropping Thursday until the New Year.) I haven’t done as much marketing for small businesses but I’ll be taking a few clients in January so if anyone is interested, hit my line.
views from the first apartment.
Views from the second apartment.
Going away invite made by my super talented Landscape Architecture Director, Angie Hicks.

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