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Bitches I’ve arriveddddddd!”

Earthgang, UP

I’ll be honest. There are days when I still think I’m in Detroit or I feel as if I’ll wake up back in my deluxe apartment in the sky. Moving from a city you’ve adjusted to is HARD. Detroit gets so many concerts and shows in comparison to Memphis. It’s a fact. Also, the styles of music I’m into sell better in Detroit, which is why I went to so many shows. Memphis is cool but again… adjusting is HARD.

So when Earthgang announced their tour with a Memphis stop, I was at the venue the day they went on sale. In Detroit, the show would’ve sold out within two-three weeks and the presale tickets would’ve been gone fast also. After my last batch of shows (last November-December) I developed a habit of going to the venue to get tickets so that I can meet the people who work the venue and also get my tickets in person.

One for the money and two for the loooooot. Reminds me of One for the money, two for the show but I like this one a lot more so let’s forget I even said this.

This show featured a great lineup consisting of Benji., Duckwrth, and Earthgang. 

The Growlers crew was amazing. Shout out to them for being amazing and also clearing my camera ahead of time.

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Benji opened the show. I’ll be honest. I literally couldn’t find much information on him before I saw him live. Normally, I have to be familiar with at least two or three songs before I step foot inside a venue for an artist’s set.  If I were an artist or musician, I’d feel like crap if people were at my show and they didn’t even know the chorus or hook to some of my songs. It’s also even more important for opening acts because they’re just gathering a fan base. When you go to a show, support/ nod your head/ engage with the opening acts. If people in the crowd see you supporting and engaging, they’re more likely to and that’s how an artist can capture an audience. 

In the words of Kendrick Lamar, Urban Support is Important. 

So back to Benji. His energy was cool! I think he’s from Pittsburgh or maybe his DJ is? IDK. Someone thought it was a cool idea to rep Pittsburgh in Memphis though. 

Songs You Should Listen To: Family Ties, Day Dream, My Thing

Soundcloud Link here: https://soundcloud.com/avatarbenji

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Duckwrth’s set was next. I was familiar with Duckwrth’s music. He has the most majesticly cool movements I’ve ever seen. It literally seemed as if the stage was water and he was gliding. Even when he jumped I felt the non-existent water splash back at me. Truthfully, I did not take photos during this set. I was leaving the pit-ish area and navigating back through GA. Butttt I got a few photos off. Duckwrth released a new-ish track called Crush.

Songs You Should Listen To: Fall Back, King King, Crush, Nobody Falls, Michuul

Peep his music on your DSP’s or here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqCjmUIKpKe9bjoJKzP3ypA

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Show Time!

When I first heard Up on Colors in 2018, I really didn’t know who I was listening to but I knew that I liked them. I loved the song and bitches i’ve arrived is a line I never knew I needed in my life. A few months earlier, Liquor Sto’ popped up on one of my rotations and I liked it but truthfully, I wasn’t super pressed to delve into the people on the song. Fast forward to 2019, Proud of U comes on my playlist in February after I’m leaving the Nao concert in Atlanta. The entire ride, I can’t stop playing it. It’s that good. I’m hooked. The third time is the charm I guess and I needed to know more about Earthgang.

Welcome to Mirrorland is their third album, but their debut album on the Dreamville label. It released after Revenge of the Dreamers 3, the label’s biggest compilation album boasting rappers, singers, and producers from here, there, and everywhere.

To hear an Earthgang song is to know that they are an energetic duo. To see an Earthgang performance is to live abundantly. They had the crowd participation and not the corny crowd participation like ” I forgot my words so y’all gotta sing for me”. It was moreso like the “exist with us and be with us in this moment.”

After the show, they stayed to sign autographs and take photos. No offense fans but if it was me, I would’ve dipped on y’all. Earthgang is the real MVP’s.

Mirrorland has another tour leg so catch a show in 2020, if you can.

Songs you should know: Liquor Sto, Tequila, Up, Voodoo, Collide.

Stream them here on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJusRtmsqq629xjPM4EskBg


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