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When I saw the Taylor Swift Lover album in Target stores, my intial reaction was WTF. I’m not a Swiftie, but I respect her grind and artistry. I even like some of her songs.

The last album I physically purchased (like in store) was Tyler the Cerator’s Scum Fxck Flower Boy. The last album I received was my Anderson .Paak Ventura CD that came with my ticket. I purchased two tickets so I had the option of getting a physical and digital download.

Artsists still are making physical album sales. In a streaming era, they’re still being counted and reinvented as bundles, etc.  It’s no secret. Artists are making a ton of money from touring / merchandise and if this is new to you peep the articles below.

1. Nine Ways Musicians Actually Make Money Today

2. The Richest Artists In the World Make 75%+ of Their Money from Touring


Okay back to Taylor Swift’s Lover Album.

I think it’s very interesting and shows that she’s focused on selling a user experience instead of an album. I heard that her tour wristbands for The Reputation Tour lit up depending on the song (more deets here). 

Target’s Taylor Swift Deal includes

Amidst the label drama she has, Swifties are purchasing the album. Go Taylor! 

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