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See how I prevailed now they try to knock me back, uh

Meek Mill, What’s Free?

Meek Mill’s 2nd show as a free man. It felt amazing. It felt surreal seeing im in this element. The last time I saw him perform was at Made In America (2017) in Philadelphia. Future was great and the duo provided a great balance. Initially I thought there’d be an hour of Future and then an hour of Meek Mill. But I was relieved to see the two alternated songs and both mostly stayed on stage for the other’s songs.

Set List from Cuyahoga Falls Show

Set List from Mansfield MA show

YG and DJ Mustard opened. Now I can finally say I saw YG B Walk in real life. haaaa. YG performed hits such as “Fxck Dxnald Trxmp”, “Racks in the Middle”, “Who Do You Love?”, and “Big Bank. I wish his set was longer so that he could’ve performed fuller versions of the songs, but hey. You can’t always get what you want. Also, I don’t even know the words to the full songs, so I didn’t miss out too much.

After YG opened, Meek and Future followed shortly after. The intro was by far one of the niced produced visuals I’ve seen. For some reason, the theatrics, the Roman statue/ soldier / immortalized theme really stuck with me. It reminded me of the Michael Jackson album cover (the soldier one where’s he’s in front of a fire). Jump Out the Face was the opening song and it was a great choice.

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Disclaimer: I’m not the biggest Future fan. I saw him once at Benihana’s in like 2013 ish. I used to love his music pre- 2016. But it all started blurring together to me. I don’t relate to it as much as I used to, but. Istill respect his craft nonetheless.

Soooo Future’s performance at the beginning seemed okay. His energy wasn’t fully there. But by the middle of the night, he was at his peak and I was hype. Maybe he feeds off of the energy of the crowd? At moments, we were kind of dull and I’ll own that for everyone in the room haha.

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Okay. I’ll admit it. I came for Meek Mill. I truly came for Meek Mill and that’s okay. I’ve been a Meek Mill fan since around 2011-2012ish. I remember when Dreamchasers 2 came out and I’ve been an avid listener since I heard Won’t Stop and I’ma Boss.

I’ma make them love me until the day that I die. Swag on 100 I’m so fly, I bought a place in the sky.

– One of my favorite lines from Won’t Stop by Meek Mill

Watching the documentary on Amazon Prime that outlined all of the things he endured in and out of the criminal justice system, it feels amazing to see him come out on top. I feel like my cousin is finally free to live the life that he deserves. (Meek Mill isn’t my cousin y’all, but the documentary made me feel so connected). If you haven’t seen it, please go watch it.  

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