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I literally just saw Anderson Paak a few days ago and these back-to-back concerts are way more fun when you’re funemployed (just in case anyone wondered). But when Ella Mai comes to your town with Mahalia, you go. You buy the ticket and you show up. You bring your clothes to work and change in Chick Fil A while they make your order. Then you find a parking spot at God knows what building to get in the line as soon as possible. That’s what you do. So that’s what I did.


Here’s my aside on Minglewood Hall as a Venue and Tips to Enjoy your Show

1. Don’t wear extensions if you go to a summer show. This was probably the hottest show I’ve been to. If you laid your hair to the Gods it will be messy with the Devil by the end of the show.

2. Eat and drink water before you come to the show because the line will be long.

3. Befriend the people who you are in line with you so that when you make it to the middle near the restroom, you can go and know that your space is safe. Be a friend, make a friend. It’s so easy!


Back to Ella Mai and Mahalia…

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Mahalia, an R&B artist from the UK, opened up for Ella Mai. I thought it was kind of cool to have two women from the UK on tour. Cheers to sisterhood!  I’m familiar with a few Mahalia songs but not her entire catalog. I know enough to know that I like her voice and will listen to her music. During her performance, most of the crowd was not familiar with her original songs. She added a Rihanna “Work” cover to garner audience participation, which was highly successful. She also sang her newest song Grateful, a song about real love and honesty.  

Song You’ve Probably Heard: Wish I Missed My Ex

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So what if I wake up with an attitude? You assume that I must be mad at you.

Ella Mai opened to Good Bad, but her show was nothing but good. I saw her open for Kehlani in 2017 (Boo’d up had released but didn’t peak yet so she didn’t perform it. womp) and I’m so happy to see her growth! She mostly stuck to songs from her album, obviously, but performed a few songs from previous EP’s. I would’ve loved to hear Lay Up or 10,000 Hours but that’s what Youtube is for, right? Right.

Ella Mai previously caught flack for having “boring” performances but this show was different. I think she hired a choreographer and also was able to let her hair down. During the show, there were a few moments when she freestyle danced and also performed rehearsed moves with her backup singers. She looked as if she truly enjoyed the fruits of her labor and for that, I am happy.


Shout out to Ella Mai for enjoying her time in Memphis so much that at her Nashville performance, the following night, she mistakenly mentioned Memphis. We see you girl. Come back anytime. 

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