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A few concerts in, I learned that there are things you just DON’T take to the show and that there are things that I MUST take to the show. So here’s a glimpse of my bag with some of the essentials that I carry.

  1. Bag Type
  2. Essentials
  3. Negotiables

Bag or No Bag?

First things first, to carry a bag or to not carry a bag? For me, it truly depends on the artist and also how I feel my energy will be.

Based on the artist and their music style, you can tell how the concert will flow. For example, a Billie Eilish concert will be full of energy, an Ed Sheeran concert – not so much. Tori Kelly was more soulful and slower, whereas Jessie Reyez was a combination of mellow but LIVELY.

Now that you’ve evaluated the type of concert you’re going to, you can decide if it’s worth carrying a bag.

There are two bag styles I prefer: petite crossbodies and wristlets. If you stand next to me at a concert with a satchel or heavy crossbody, I will stare at your bag and ask why you brought it. Don’t be that person at the festival with a huge bag that hits everyone around you constantly. You’re going to make the show less enjoyable and people will complain about you on social media. You don’t want to be known for that so don’t be that person. JUST DON’T.

Some Things Are Necessary

Earlier I mentioned there are things that I must have, can’t have, and would like to have for a show. In my bag, I make sure that I have my Identification and a credit card with me (preferably credit and not debit) and $20. I bank with Bank of America and they have some type of fraud protection set up. But I also just have this weird fear of people hacking my debit card (so if you’re thinking of doing it… don’t. thanks). Having a charger cable and backup battery is IMPERATIVE. You don’t need to be at a concert taking photos and videos to end the night on a 7% battery. That’s NOT SAFE. Lip stick / lip gloss is important to me. In the photo above, I have Kat Von D K Dubb and the Lip Bar Crown Me. My Fitbit keeps track of my heart rate and also how many steps I take. I like knowing those things because I can guess how many calories I’ll burn at a concert with similar sonics. Gum is ESSENTIAL because no one wants to talk to you in the middle of the concert with disgusting breath. Ear Plugs are NECESSARY. I understand people don’t like the way they look. I get it. But ten years from now, you will thank yourself because you can hear. (Note: I went to two concerts in a week and didn’t wear ear plugs. I knew better and regret it.) I use Eargasm and KillNoise earplugs. 


Nice to Haves

Haters shake my hands but I keep the sanitizer on deck. Kid Cudi had a point. You’re touching things and being around people, like sanitize yourself please. There aren’t always hand washing stations or the bathroom lines might be too long for your taste. (Go to the bathroom before the concert also….). A printed ticket might be really helpful especially when the lines are long and backed up! It’s important to have because cell service isn’t always reliable and wifi will fail you. Chips and water! They’ll make you throw the food and drinks away at the door, but you have no clue how long you’ll be waiting in line (especially if you get there super early). Also, life happens. Sometimes you or people will pass out while waiting and your water may save you / them. 


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