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I was in the middle of writing a bucket list of concerts I MUST attend. But then I realized…. I have a blog or at least this digital space. So here’s my bucket list of festivals. If you see any that you want to attend, let me know! I’m always on the search for great festival buddies 🙂


  1. Camp Flog Gnaw- I really like TTC soooo obviously this is on my list
  2. Austin City Limits
  3. Afropunk (either Atlanta or Brooklyn)
  4. SxSW
  5. A3C
  6. Essence Music Festival
  7. Lollapalooza
  8. Governor’s Ball
  9. Latitude Festival
  10. Hangout Music Festival
  11. Bonnaroo
  12. Roots Picnic
  13. Something In The Water
  14. Sasquatch
  15. Life Is Beautiful
  16. One Music Fest
  17. Music Midtown
  18. Complex Con ( not really a festival, but close)
  19. Smokin Grooves
  20. Pitchfork



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