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“Can we just roll with the feeling?
Can we just roll for a minute?
Wait a minute”

Childish Gambino, Telegraph Ave. ft Lloyd

This was church and I feel revitalized, baptized, and my soul is on fire. Childish Gambino / Donald Glover is one of the best live performers of my generation and that’s a hill I WILL DIE ON. 

This was hands down one of, if not, the best concert I attended this year.  This show is what kicked off “my breakup tour” as my friends called it, but it’s really the end of my Detroit and (insert company name here) chapter. So I flew out of Detroit to arrive in Nashville to see Childish Gambino and Vince Staples (y’all know I reallyyyyy like him). 

Weekend in Nashville

I literally was in the middle of moving out of my apartment, but that didn’t fully happen. My deadline to move out was Friday but the elevators were down so they extended it until Monday. I caught a flight to Nashville and life was grand. The last day at my job was Tuesday so I said goodbye to that part of my life and am prepping to move on. While in Nashville, I caught the First Friday Art Crawl and ran into some cool people.  I hung out with my friend’s roommates and ended up crashing someone’s birthday party. That’s my weekend in a nutshell.

Okay About The Concert

That new wig hit a little different when you’re funemployed. My Go to outfit for concerts are a pair of jeans, converse, and a top. Depending on the weather, I might wear a sweater. It was December so obviously Sweater Weather (cue The Neighbourhood).

Vince Staples opened and I, for one, was ecstatic and overjoyed. I’ve seen Vince perform three times at this point, including this show. Every show is something different. I love seeing how people react to his music because you can’t pinpoint one type of Vince Staples fan. It’s crazy. This guy’s music impacts people from the tweens who game at home with punk rock tendencies, to the older men who argue about African diasporas and philospophies. So this show, I was seated (standing) behind two men who were unique in their own way. One reminded me of Questlove.

Vince recently released a project titled FM! (if you didn’t know, now you know. listen to it here) and performed songs from it.


^ That’s how I yelled during the show.

Of course, he performed crowd and fan favorites Norf Norf, Senorita, and Blue Suede. He also played my favorite 745. I’m sure the day has passed, but I would LOVE nothing more than to hear him perform “Jump Off The Roof”. Here’s a Set List for anyone wondering.


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Songs that Make Me Move and Groove

Everybody move your body, now do it. Move it, indeed.

Gambino opened the show with two new songs, Algorythm and another song that I don’t even know the name of. But they were great.

The intro of Algorythm reminds me of an anthem’s call to action. It begins with Gambino’s voice leading the charge. Then the drums come in.

I’m not going to go through Childish Gambino’s Set List or tell you about the vibrancy and energy that he performed with. Instead, I’ll tell you a bit about how I felt.

It kind of felt like your friend was moving away, my friend was moving away. But moving on to better things. Kind of the feeling when a coworker that you casually talk to and check in on takes another job in a larger city. It’s a blissful, happy moment. I’m happy for Childish Gambino morphing into Donald Glover. Truly, I am. I don’t know what the future holds for his performances, but I know that I was there. I existed.

The production of the show, as seen in the simplicity yet intricate dual moving screens, amplified my sense of space. I also would’ve never guessed thought of half of the lighting sequences and configurations.

I felt a unique one-ness with everyone around me. We were all gathered for this moment. We didn’t have our phones out much and we didn’t care to. In 2018, it’s one of those rare moments, where we just want to be here and take it all in. (He also told us to put our phones down in the beginning, so there’s that).

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