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“I know we love the seasons
Like summer and the spring
But I’ve been stuck in winter
Since the fall of misery
One day I’m full of anger
And the next I’m full of fear
Every year, there’s a new supply of tears”

Tori Kelly, Questions

Tori Kelly’s voice is an undeniable force. Her raw talent and distinguishable voice can be heard some of everywhere.  She sang the Nationwide jingle here. She played Meena in the movie “Sing” and sang this beautiful rendition of a Stevie Wonder classic.  So when she came to Detroit, I knew that I’d be there, without a doubt.

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Tori’s latest project, Hiding Place, was a beautifully composed Gospel album. Being in the space felt so peaceful. The concert was a wave of hope and I could say that this concert was amazing, but that’s not enough.  Tori’s voice and stories really gave the audience a sense of belonging. I know it sounds weird. Every concert, the artist talks about how their feelings and current situation resulted in XYZ album. But this felt different. Tori’s music has traditionally been more pop with a dash of R&B. This album was a testament of her faith and endurance. It showed on the stage.

In her song Questions, Tori went in depth with common questions that (anyone of faith really) has asked their supreme being. We’ve all felt deserted and left out, so what do we do when we feel that way? She doesn’t provide an answer, but do you really need one? The song is a beautiful exhale and if you listen to any song from the album (if you haven’t heard it already) please listen to Questions . 

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