In the last post, I wrote about thriving and coasting. I was already in the middle of a spiritual awakening. (I guess you could call it that?). I’ve been feeling pretty confused and stagnant for a while. I know that it’s time for a change in the way that I approach things.

My friends know that I’m a ghost-er. I know that I’m a ghost-er. Here’s my proof. I’m a creative ghost-er.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator: ENFP-

Sun sign: Pisces (we naturally swim away. it’s truly a gift / curse).

Moon: Sagittarius (One site said I have a “need to roam”)

Rising: Libra

Life Path: 3

Sidenote: I’ve recently gotten into horoscopes and ironically enough they seem pretttyyy spot on.

I moved into my new apartment on May 30th. Initially, my first thoughts were to get settled in and make sure that I have the necessities- water, electricity, wifi. Seriously, the necessities. How am I going to successfully freelance and also do my job (read late night emails that I’ll ignore) without necessities?

Initially, I thought I needed Wi-Fi ASAP. I believe that society and the world that we are in has conditioned us to be responsive and “always on”. Don’t believe me? There are articles/ studies to confirm. Like this one. This is a good one. Yep, this one too.

Do you see what I mean?

Knowing what I know about myself and how I operate, I knew I needed to take a break. I’m always available for work and always working, be it in the office or outside. That’s not normal.

I would even pace my work so that I could get ahead at home by doing more work.

Again. Not normal.

I freelance on the side and often spend my hours staring at a computer screen to edit photos, write copy for social media, etc. so the internet is needed. But I challenged myself to go a month without wifi in my living quarters.

I learned that it is possible. I went to sleep earlier and woke up earlier. I exercised a little bit more and kept my apartment cleaner. I arrived at work earlier. I noticed that I didn’t need the internet every day. By planning my work and managing my time better, I cut down on procrastination because I honestly didn’t have the time for it.

I went to a local coffee shop that was on my way to work. I planned my days so that I would grab my morning tea or breakfast sandwich while spending 45 minutes – 1 hour in the shop responding to client work and checking emails.

I went to a diner that has hands down the BEST Spicy Black Bean Burgers EVER (Honest John’s y’all). They stayed open late so I would go there after work and complete more complex projects (instagram designs, edits, etc.).

I started reading again. WIN!

But I also really sat down and outlined what my passions are, things I’m great at while also identifying room for improvement.

Looking back on it, I’d do it again. I’d encourage everyone to shut off the wifi in their home for a few days. Just detox and enjoy your space.

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