Ilera Apothecary

I recently had a lifestyle shoot with Ilera Apothecary, a bath and body brand. This shoot was so much fun! Their products are amazing and more importantly,  natural, y’all. Peep their website… here.

The first thing that I do for shoots is send a moodboard or treatment, depending on the detail needed. For conceptual projects, I prefer to send a treatment because I think the narrative is more important. Since this was a lifestyle product shoot, I sent a mood board.

Ilera Moodboard

So I actually started this shoot at… Home Depot. I wanted to get a marble look without having to find a marble countertop because BUDGETS ARE REAL. Seriously who has a white marble countertop? Can I rent your kitchen please? Thanks.

marble schmarble

After hanging out at Home Depot and purchasing two tiles for less than ten dollars, I jetted home to grab all of my Sephora Beauty boxes with unused items.

Pro Tip: If you’re trying to do a lifestyle or beauty shoot, see if any of your friends have subscriptions to beauty boxes. Depending on the box, it may come with full size or travel size items which will work in your favor. Some of the items in the flatlay photo are from my sephora box.

Note: This is not an ad for a Sephora beauty box. I just happen to have one and I love it. 

My clients already had a vision for the shoot with props, which made my job a lot easier. I bring props and items, but it feels great to haul less items around.

The shoot took around five hours and we shot their entire collection. Check out some of the behind the scenes images below, and the final product here. 

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