Before I start this post, this isn’t a paid promotion. I don’t know anyone at Dole, etc. blah blah. unnecessary disclaimer. With that said… story time!


This morning I had a great workout and decided I’d make a smoothie with my Dole and Kroger frozen fruit. I opened the pineapple chunks from Kroger and poured them into a bowl. As I attempted to do the same with my Dole mixed berries, something different happens: a bag falls out. What? This isn’t fruit… Instead of dumping all of the fruit in one bag, Dole offers individual bags of fruit, which are great for my smoothie today! (The bag even says “Great for Smoothies). Instead of opening an entire bag and leaving it susceptible to frost bite until I reopen it in another week, I now have the option to take what I need without wasting extra.


Dole Mixed Berries Bag

Okay.. It’s fruit. Everyone already knew these existed. Why are you writing about this?

Think about how often you buy frozen fruit, forget about it, and come back to an icy paradise in a bag? Exactly…

With the rise of Pinterest and the new wellness craze, smoothies at home are the key. You save money and eat a little healthier in the process. Great! Dole realizes that one of their target demographics should be this new market of people focused on health and wellness. By offering a product that meets this target’s needs, Dole wins. By offering a product that meets my early morning lazy smoothie needs, Dole ultimately ensures that I win.

Dole’s Frozen Fruit Target Market: People who want quality fruit that lasts longer than fresh fruit.

Segment 1: People who prefer to control their frozen fruit intake amount by selecting their own amount of fruit. Product: typical bag of frozen fruit

Segment 2: People who want convenience and a pre-measured serving of fruit. Product: Dole Pre-measured fruit.


I’m completely convinced that someone at Dole said ” Hey guys. How can we take the guess work out of a smoothie and reduce the work?” Then someone replied, “Well it takes you forever to get your fruit out. Maybe if we packaged it in smaller servings, it’d help you.” Then, it happened. Okay maybe not?

In the end, everyone wins… or at least I am right now.


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