Hi! I’m Kaeyla, a Marketing Strategist, Photographer and Music Lover.

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Telling Your Story, One Platform at a Time

I’m Kaeyla! You can call me Kae 🙂 I’m a Memphis native who loves crafting brand messages and developing strategies for marketing + social media content. I’m an avid Googler, often researching new industry trends. Yep… I’m that millennial who Googles the answer to a question before asking it.

What I Offer…

*For select clients only

Marketing AMA

Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing*

Small Biz Photography

Lifestyle Photography

What I’m Up To These Days…

as of July 2021

I saw the “Now” Page movement / concept and thought it’d be cool to add one to my site. So here’s what I’m up to now.

  • Concerts are back and I’m looking forward to getting back into the pit.
  • Water Your Dreams is taking up a lot of my time
  • New job at an ad agency
  • Somehow I help influencers and creatives with their management and tasks. 
  • Finding opportunities to connect with businesses and grow my talents
  • Collaborating with more creators and bloggers (see note above) 
  • Defining balance (still)
  • Restructuring and refining my goals (still)

Thoughts and Blog Posts

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